Yes it's cliche but it's all too true. You don't have to go visit the other side of the world to find adventure. Sometimes an adventure can be found right outside your front door.

Ready for an adventure

I am going to be honest here, this site is about the adventures that anyone can have. I understand not all of us have expendable funds to use on plane tickets every other week, I know I don't. That is why my wife and I make every effort we can to find adventure underneath our noses. It could be as simple as taking the top off the Jeep on a nice sunny day and driving with no clear destination, or it could be taking Camber for a walk but walking a new route this time. 

Take the long walk home, you never know what you might see

No matter where you live, what your financial situation is or how many friends you have, the spirit of adventure is overwhelming. We all yearn for a fresh experience or to learn something new. That's curiosity and it's the core of exploration. When you decide that you are bored with your day to day routine or you need a different view other than your computer screen, that is when an adventure is born. The idea pops in your head that you want to see something you haven't seen before or you wonder where that road you pass each day actually leads to. The sad thing is that most people suppress this urge because they are either in a hurry or are too lazy to make time. 

As long as you're with the ones you love, you're never far from home

As long as you're with the ones you love, you're never far from home

So this is my challenge to you, strive to see the possibility of adventure in your everyday life. Do not quiet that voice that pushes you to discover something new. Make changes in your life that keep things fresh and exciting. Meet others that enjoy exploring and make plans for trips with them. I hope that this blog will inspire you to take risks and get outside your comfort zone, all without necessarily having to pay for an expensive trip. So buckle up because there's a lot more to come! 

Happy Adventuring!


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