Man's best friend is so much more than just another creature under the sun. They are loyal companions who can actually teach us a thing or two about what life really is. If you actually pay attention and closely watch a dog, you will see that they are more like us than mot people want to believe. They are are capable of love, compassion, learning, happiness, sadness and they definitely know the difference between right and wrong. Believe me. 

Beyond basic caregiving skills and how to be responsible for a living creature besides yourself, a dog will also give a person a glimpse into a life that is meant to be lived. A dog seems to, out of all the animals, have the most fun just living! My dog Camber is a fantastic example. No matter what day it is or what is going on, he always has a pep in his step. A lot of the time, I am dragging my feet and feeling sluggish due to stress or work or something like it, yet I see this dog and how much energy he has and it actually fills me with energy too. He makes me want to do things that I would otherwise be too tired for, like going for a walk or playing some frisbee. He makes me want to live life to the fullest.

This is what we need to grasp here. A dog lives for the moment, the here and now. They always wants to do something exciting, even if it's dangerous because they just don't worry about that aspect of life. A dog never really understands danger, they will try to jump out of moving cars and walk too close to cliffs or swim to far out. They don't realize that bad things can happen. That is why I think they're so happy. They disregard everything that will take away from their joy or make their life limited. A dog is the perfect example of living your life to the fullest everyday and never settling for anything less than happiness.

It is a mindset that is difficult for humans to acquire because we have responsibilities and bills and families to support. Those things often consume our life and we can't do anything but think about all the problems we have. In essence, our worry about tomorrow is the only thing holding us back today. We must not let these responsibilities become all we think about or else your life will just be wasted away while your hair turns grayer. 

So what can we learn from our furry friends? That life is not meant to be lived in slavery to our responsibilities. It is meant to be lived without a worry in our mind. So square away what you need to for today and let tomorrow worry about itself. Once you've done that, you have a good shot at being as happy as man's best friend.


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