Our Videos

If you thought we only had photos from our adventures, think again! Along with our trusty Nikon D3300, we also bring at least 1 GoPro (Hero3 Black, Her04 Black, Hero4 Session) and our DJI Phantom 2 for some sweet aerial shots. Below, you will find our videos and links to them for your enjoyment. Please let us know what you think by leaving comments on the videos and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for notifications on when we upload something new!


Our 2016 adventure on the island of oahu

A few of the other videos on this page present you with some of the things we did on our vacation to Oahu. Now, we have a video that contains everything we did, pieced together of your enjoyment. 


Snorkeling Sharks cove at Oahu's north shore

One of the most popular snorkeling locations on the island of Oahu, Sharks Cove is teeming with all sorts of life. With water depths ranging from a few inches to over 40 feet, there's no telling what you might encounter!


Olomana (Three Peaks) near Kailua, Oahu

The Olomana trail is notorious as being one of, if not the most, difficult hikes on the island of Oahu. From numerous mountaintop rescues to even some deaths along it, this trail is not for the faint of heart. The though of scaling razor thin ridges using nothing more than some rope that others have installed, all while 1500 feet up in the air is enough to shake up most. As if the hike itself wasn't tough enough, we lugged the drone up the whole way. We are glad we did and are sure you will be too. Take a look below.


Downtown Hampton Virginia

Staying true to the mindset that an adventure can be had anywhere for little to no cost, we went exploring around a local city. We took advantage of an empty waterfront parking garage and the setting sun to piece together a calm, soothing video.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

VIrginia Beach's North end

Away from the crowded, tourist center and boardwalk is a much more authentic part of Virginia Beach. The North End is popular among the locals who desire to be away from the crowds. After spending time at the beach, we ventured down to Sandbridge and were able to experience the marshlands full of wildlife.